Job Title: Sales/Marketing Officer Job Responsibilities Research:

  • Identify factors that make company products attractive to customers be it location, accessibility, reputation for quality and finesse or price. Use such factors to develop plans to market company’s products in Abuja and beyond.
  • Speak to guests in person and in follow up through the company’s website to monitor customer feedback in order to identify any areas of disadvantages and develop campaign plans to remedy such.
  • Plan and execute Customer satisfaction surveys. Share the results of customer satisfaction surveys with the employer to enhance the standards of customer service.
  • Increase personal knowledge of products, sales techniques, and promotions through continuous professional training and development.

Awareness & Promotion:

  • Develop and execute plans to make it easy for customers to find out about company’s in order to increase patronage and gain access to new customers.
  • Determine seasonal trends, plan and execute promotion programs to increase patronage during seasons when orders are low to maximize sales and be competitive e.g offer of incentives such as “buy x numbers and get one free” etc.
  • Plan, represent and promote company’s products and services at Trade Fairs and Exhibition events. Professionally coordinate with company’s management team in organizing such events.
  • Manage the company’s brand stand at major trade fair shows to project the company and grow the customer base.
  • Develop a company’s website and promotion pamphlets with up-to-date information on company’s products to ensure that customers are aware of new products and incentives.
  • Collaborate with relevant platforms on mass messaging and publicity to project company including relevant sites to increase reach to potential customers.
  • Create and manage the social media strategy (e.g facebook, etc) to position company’s products in line with the brand and company stories.


  • Ensure high levels of repeat business patronage by creating customer loyalty programs that reward regular customers.
  • Target and visit individuals or corporate customers far and near who regularly require company’s products such as ——–name them, etc
  • Ensure that the best selling rates are achieved when selling company products and services and ensure to apply the products billing rates correctly.
  • Create and model excellent service by ensuring that all salesmen exhibit a positive attitude and enthusiasm towards the job and to the customers in all forms of communication and at all times.
  • Receive product orders. Check inventory to ensure that the products being ordered are in stock.
  • Follow up on all quotations within one week and on a weekly basis to ensure that projected sales targets are met and that business prospects are realized and not lost.
  • Present solutions to customers including price, credit terms, estimated time of delivery based on the company’s production and delivery schedules. Assists customers with product information, selection and purchase. Offer solutions for out-of-stock items and price holds.
  • Monitor orders from the point of placing the order to the point of delivery to ensure that the products are delivered in good time and in good condition to the satisfaction of the customer and that there is no delay or default by the company.
  • Make post-delivery visits or calls to confirm that customers are satisfied with the products and can come again on another occasion.
  • Ensure that customers sign off on delivery of the product to acknowledge that product received is based on order, specification, quantity and quality.
  • Act as point of contact between the company and the Customers. Create an environment of hospitality, creativity and comfort with the customer; putting up courteous, professional conduct and appearance.
  • Liaise with company to make them adhere to time allotted to delivery of products and installations
  • Receive Customer complaints and determine courses of action for timely resolution of all open issues.
  • Participate in developing work plan and design meetings and provide input as appropriate.
  • Prepare and make marketing presentations to existing and prospective customers.
  • Have comprehensive knowledge on every product [name them] to guide and advise customers looking to furnish and be able to explain different customizable features.
  • Discuss terms and conditions for warranties and replacement of parts for installations and products where it is applicable.
  • Bag and package product purchases and liaise with finance to arrange guaranteed methods of payment.
  • Set sales targets to meet monthly.
  • Ensure that they utilize downtime effectively by prospecting, training & cleaning.
  • Ensure that the appearance of the store’s interior and exterior are maintained to standards.

Showroom Management (if any):

  • Plot how products are set up and displayed in the showroom to ensure that it is attractive and welcoming to attract and win over customers.
  • Provide product information and issue quotes to customers who call or come to the company.
  • Present and discuss product options with customers based upon the discovery of the prospective clients’ lifestyle, needs and goals.

Indirect Marketing:

  • Collaborations with organizations, where the MSE may benefit from additional advertising and cross-promotions that ultimately lead to greater sales.
  • Endorsements by people of influence to friends/family, by schools and nonprofits to parents/supporters, or by other large partners to staff/customers.
  • Radio jingles that appeal to different groups.
  • Radio campaigns or interviews to increase awareness of the MSE’s general area to stimulate demand for the entire category (rather than just promoting the MSE’s products/services).
  • Encourage word of mouth and positive buzz through discounts in return for referrals.

Application Closing Date 12th July, 2017.

How to Apply

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