Common Job Interview Questions And Answers (A Must Read)

There are countless unemployed graduates and certificate holders in Nigeria. Could this be because there’s no more vacant positions in for applicants.

Funny enough, several companies and organizations across the country hold job interviews annually for the employment of new staff, but it’s quite unfortunate that most of those who attend the interviews barely get the employment. Whose fault? The company’s or applicant’s?

Surprisingly, many graduates and certificate holders have not been able to rightly prove themselves in interviews, and many others who tend to answer correctly and smartly lack any required skill which could help in building the organisation, and most organisations do not want someone who would not add to its growth from day one.

However, it’s never too late to brush up on your skills, and if you have read this article to this point, then you are about 75% ready for your next interview, and to emerge successful.

Here are common interview questions and answers that you may be able to use for your benefit !! .

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None of the attached photos are set in stone and/or a rule of thumb. It’s simply ideas of responses. It’s ultimately your choice to use anything posted or to twist it to fit your narrative. ALL employers are different.

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